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    Striking the optimal balance between content that your customers need and content that search engines find is an art. Red Owl is the artist. We are here to wise up your content and help you tell your story, using our linguistic skills, creativity and technical know-how.

    Why you need content

    Forking out money for a new website is a necessary evil, but are fancy buttons and cool menus enough for clients to start pouring in? Actually, it’s relevant contentwiggly-line that leads more customers to your digital doorstep.

    To drive trafficline-5 towards your site, you need powerful, customer-focused content. You need content that answers your customers’ questions, showcases how they benefit from you and ultimately makes them trust you.

    Carefully thought-out words establish your brand and your credibility, boost your page views and drive your website to the top of organic searches.

    Search engines also appreciate useful, well-structured content and will reward you with a higher rankingcircle-25 in the search results.

    Why choose us

    Before becoming content strategists, we were seasoned linguists; translators to be exact. Our job was to take a written text and translate it into another language without altering its meaning. We were virtuosos, fine tuningwiggly-line our work every step of the way to create a wonderful melody in the end.

    Digital copywriting is quite similar. We receive material written in one language, but in this case, we render it in the same language. And we still get to use our impeccable language skills, building a quality brand new text, brick by brick.

    We do not simply create pages, we tell storiescircle-35. For that, we consider all aspects of your business objectives and customer needs. Our words speak to your customers about their needs, in a language they understand.

    We have found our niche. Now let Red Owl help you find yours.

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